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Our Story

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Welcome to Sasha Sass Candles! The question, “Who is Sasha?” When my husband and I became pregnant with our youngest child we waited to discover the baby’s gender until the moment we heard his first cry. Hoping and praying for another son we picked out a name for a girl just in case. We agreed on the names Brandon, if it’s a boy, or Sasha, if it’s a girl. My prayer was answered-Brandon completed our family.


Sasha Sass Candles is more than just a naming story. The unshakable desire to become a business owner has been with me since the tender age of 14. However, the path remained uncertain, and I lacked guidance on how to begin. Fast forward to 2001, when I married my teenage crush and in 2002 we gave birth to our oldest son, Torrey Jr. Having to reroute my path in order to focus on my family, I still hadn’t realized my dream. It took 13 years of being a devoted stay-at-home mom for me to decide the next season of my life:  go back to school, seek employment, or finally realize my lifelong dream that had been dormant since my teenage years.

In 2015, Sasha Sass Candles was born in the cushy part of our home’s basement, with a starter kit and an unshaken dream.  


As a family, our goal has always been to offer our customers nothing short of excellence-quality products, excellent customer service, and the loving touch of hand-poured soy candles & wax melts. We are driven by hard work and integrity. Hand-pouring candles is not just a job for us; it allows us to instill valuable lessons to our children while highlighting the benefits of hard work and never compromising one’s passions. Also, Sasha Sass Candles has empowered us to continue to give back to our communities and bless those around us.


Prepare to fill your home with our 100% soy wax candles and wax melts. Each product is carefully crafted to infuse your living spaces with a warm and delightful smell, adding liveliness to your home and awakening it from its routine slumber. We offer a wide range of scents that can be utilized for meditation, setting an inviting ambience or purchased as the ideal gift for any occasion.


Join us on this aromatic journey and allow our candles to kindle moments that will be treasured forever.


Torrey ~ Stacie~ Torrey, Jr. ~ Brandon

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"From Our Home To Yours"

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